Title: 2021/3/1 15:36:07
We ordered this past weekend. Between the order and delivery fee, it was $55. With that being said, we were disappointed with our meal. He ordered the shrimp and broccoli and there were exactly 4 shrimp in it. Really? 4 shrimp? Very disappointing. Plus, the won ton soup was so salty I could barely eat it and i sure as heck couldn't enjoy it, and the won tons were very mushy. Not sure what happened this time but we have ordered from there several times and it's always been good. This time was a disaster.
Title: 2020/2/17 16:44:05
Very slow service must have called 10 times no answer on the telephone
Title: 2020/11/19 17:05:49
Ordered online and they never got my order. Just call in to order, they should take this website down.
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